FRP Water Control Gates

Specialty Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) gates by Plasti-Fab, Inc. offer a solution for water control applications where corrosion is inevitable. With a 25 year guarantee that these gates will not fail from corrosion why consider metal gates that are virtually guaranteed to corrode over time? Designed with a structural steel frame encapsulated in a UV resistant resin Plasti-Fab gates can meet the need of any water control gate application.

Plasti-Fab Gate Brochure >> Plasti-Fab Gate Brochure

Slide Gate >>

Slide gates are designed to seal on 3 sides and commonly used to isolate or divert flows. Available with or without seals and in a wide range of sizes.

Wedging Titeseal Slide Gate >>

LOWEST LEAKAGE RATE SLIDE GATE AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET. This slide gate is capable of reaching leakage rates less than 100cc/min/foot of wetted perimeter. Commonly used for emergency spill containment or preferred over the standard slide gate because the seals are mounted on the slide allowing for simpler seal maintenance, if needed.

Heavy Duty Titeseal Slide Gate >>

Commonly referred to as a sluice gate these gates are sealed on all 4 sides. A light weight, corrosion resistant alternative to heavy cast iron and stainless steel sluice gates that doesn’t require wall thimbles. The wedging bar design includes adjustment bolts to allow the leakage rate to be adjusted down to less than 0.1 GPM/min/foot of wetted perimeter.

Weir Gate >>

Weir gates are used to control upstream water levels or regulating discharge rates. Can be customized to include a v-notch, level sensors and modulating electric operators, etc.

Stop Gates/Plates >>

Stop Gate and Stop Plate are interchangeable terms used to identify manually lifted gates that are installed in open channels. Stop gates are normally either in or out and do not include a stem or lifting mechanism.

Flap Gates >>

Available as a rigid FRP flap or flexible neoprene flap with embedded steel, flap gates are widely used to allow flow in one direction. Plasti-Fab’s lightweight design allows for minimal head to operate the flap.

Stop Logs >>

FP Stop Logs

Designed to last these stop logs won’t shrink, swell, or decay like wooden stop logs used by generations before us. These corrosion resistant FRP stop logs are designed to stack on top of each other to control water levels.